A Map of Memory

Adobe Spark


A map is formed with memory.  The places you’ve gone and the things you’ve done.  Say a mental image of you fishing with your father when you pass a spot on a lake.  Or you might think of your daughter when she was small as you drive by a deserted playground where you, long ago, pushed her in a swing.  For each of us, this map of memories and places is different.  These are your secret places tucked away inside your head.  And when you die you will take your map with you.  Your imprint on this Earth will fade and get covered over by the leaves and the dirt.  People will tread on your special places without marker and they will not know of you.  But if you are very lucky, you will have loved someone who loves you, and you will have created another to love.  And he or she will carry a map that you will be a part of, even after you are gone.  Because love persists and has its own magnetism.  And, if you have a proper compass, you can guide yourself by it and find your way.

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