I started writing my memoir, City of Crows, when my wife was pregnant with our second child.  Our first son was just learning to walk when my Vietnam-vet father, who I’d long been estranged from, passed away over Roswell, New Mexico in a helicopter. My wife was undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer at the time.  This was a dark period in my life, yet also one of wonder, as I watched our young son develop.  Joe Blair’s By the Iowa Sea was a memoir that resonated with me and partially inspired me to write my own book.  Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, and the Nick Adams stories of Ernest Hemingway are probably the biggest influences on my writing.  I’ve spent the last sixteen years carrying mail in Minneapolis.  My creative nonfiction has appeared in Atticus Review, Nowhere Magazine, High Plains Register, Gray’s Sporting Journal, and River Teeth Journal’s Beautiful Things. City of Crows will be published by Running Wild Press in 2024.

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